cygwin shell scripting - how to pass values from command line to ssh remote command

John Hardin
Tue Oct 14 22:50:00 GMT 2008

On Tue, 14 Oct 2008, Dave Korn wrote:

> Thorsten Kampe wrote on 14 October 2008 21:11:
>>> ssh qa@load01 'export MAX_MS=100; export OFFSET_MS=89900; export
>>> THREADS=4; export RAMP=1; export LOOPS=2; echo load01 ; cd
>>> /cygdrive/c/apps/bin ; pwd ; nohup ./  \& ; ps -efW | grep
>>> java ; exit '
>>  Also the "pwd".
>  Surely not, if it's a bit of debugging trace that lets ZW know that the
> directory exists and so the cd command succeeded and there must be something
> else wrong if the script doesn't execute?

Wouldn't something along the lines of

     cd /cygdrive/c/apps/bin && nohup ./ &

be a lot safer if you were worried about the directory not being there?

Working that into the one-liner is left as an exercise for the student... 

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