Rsync on two WinXP Machines: how?

Dave Korn
Tue Oct 14 11:45:00 GMT 2008

Richard Ivarson wrote on 14 October 2008 11:40:

> 1.) On the 2nd PC I let (auto) start "rsync --daemon" so rsync is running
> and waiting.
> 2) When I start rsync on the 1st PC it always says: no connection possible
> (I've to write down the exact error message).
> I've used the special host syntax with double colons for a remote sync
> daemon as described here:
> Codeword "rsync -av
> host::src /dest" 
> What could be the problem?

  Firewall settings, perhaps?  Use netstat on the 2nd PC to verify that port
873/tcp is open; if so, try using telnet or netcat into the port to test basic
connectivity.  For example you could use "nc -v -v -v -z localhost 873" on the
2nd PC to check local connectivity, then replace 'localhost' by the 2nd PC's
name and try it from the first pc.

  If the port is open but you can't connect via telnet/netcat, it must be a
firewall problem.  If the port is not open, maybe the daemon is not running;
verify whether or not using "ps", then check the log files, or try it at the
command line like:

rsync  --daemon --no-detach -v -v -v -v --log-file=file.txt

and see what ends up in file.txt if it exits.  (I notice that rsync will
immediately exit in daemon mode if the config file /etc/rsyncd.conf does not

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