Rsync on two WinXP Machines: how?

Richard Ivarson
Tue Oct 14 10:41:00 GMT 2008


Cygwin's rsync runs successfully on a WinXP machine of mine which remote 
syncs with a Linux PC. All works fine.

Now I'd like to remote sync two WinXP machines. How?

I tried the following, without success so far :

1.) On the 2nd PC I let (auto) start "rsync --daemon" so rsync is running and 
2) When I start rsync on the 1st PC it always says: no connection possible 
(I've to write down the exact error message).

I've used the special host syntax with double colons for a remote sync daemon 
as described here:
Codeword "rsync -av host::src /dest"

What could be the problem?


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