SSH V.5.1 with Cygwin1.dll 1.7.0(0.187/5/3) 2008-09-17: Very large logon times...
Mon Oct 13 15:12:00 GMT 2008

Dear SSH-Users/-developers,

I'm just testing the OpenSSH V.5.1 on Cygwin1.dll V.1.7.0(0.187/5/3) 

Unfortunately I have very large logon times (time from entering the 
password until the prompt of the shell appears).

- SSH-Server on a Windows Server 2003 system with SP1 an the last security 
patches (member in the Active Directory domain)
- passwd users --> mapped to Active Directory domain users

What could be the reason for those large logon times?

On the same system the older build (16.06.2007) of cygwin1.dll with the 
OpenSSH V.4.6 works fine.

On the SSH-Server system: I can see a lot of access to pipes called 
"<domaincontroller>\PIPE\samr", "<domaincontroller>\PIPE\lsarpc". It 
doesn't become better, if I decrease the passwd and group file.

Thanks for help in advance and best regards

Carsten Porzler

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