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John Emmas
Sat Oct 11 14:23:00 GMT 2008

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From: "Brian Dessent"
Subject: Re: Linker Search Directories
> John Emmas wrote:
>> I'm about to build another library called "liblo".  This library uses
>> various functions with names like getaddrinfo(), freeaddrinfo() etc
>> (all of which are declared in /usr/include/gettaddrinfo.h).  On my
>> Linux box, these functions reside in 'libc.a' - but in Cygwin, they're
>> in a different library, called 'libgetaddrinfo.a'.
> Uh, what?  getaddrinfo() is implemented in Cygwin itself, which is the
> equivalent of -lc and is implicitly included in every link, so you
> should need no such external library at all.
Initially, that's what I thought too Brian.  They're part of libc when
I compile under Linux but they're not there for Cygwin (and I only installed
Cygwin a few weeks ago).  I need to link to libgetaddrinfo.  In fact
I searched libc to find the function names but they aren't there.


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