Virtual inheritance & dllimport in GCC 4

John E. / TDM
Sat Oct 11 02:53:00 GMT 2008


On the off chance that you're A) reading this message, B) a GCC on 
Windows hacker, and C) not aware of GCC PR#36654, I'd like to draw your 
attention to it. This is an interesting problem that arises in builds of 
recent GCC versions for Windows (i.e. Cygwin and MinGW).

Basically, this bug is an ICE that prevents using an inline constructor 
or destructor in a class which is declared dllimport and which has 
virtual inheritance anywhere in its ancestry. This is something that 
works in previous versions of GCC, and I see it as a regression.

You can view the GCC PR at 
<>. This bug was first 
brought to my attention by bug #2003723 in the TDM-GCC bug tracker 

I'm posting this attention getter to the MinGW Users and Cygwin mailing 
lists in hopes of attracting some new blood, as there has not been any 
progress made on it since the initial bug report on June 27th. I expect 
the fix will be a one-liner!

Thanks in advance,
John E.

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