sh / bash.exe exits and "does no longer work" (Vista)

Marc Weber
Fri Oct 10 17:57:00 GMT 2008

When running sh / bash on Vista I hit one problem occasionally..
A popup appeared telling me "sh funktioniert nicht mehr" (sh does no
longer work) - sorry, I was'nt able to switch to English language :-(

When running Vista within qemu I even can't run
bash --login because of that.
Running sh from the Eingabeaufforderung (Command Prompt) and exiting
results in either the error mentioned above or

        sh-3.2$ exit
             93 [main] sh 2156 sig_send: wait for sig_complete event failed,
        signal -34,
         rc -1, Win32 error 6

Has some already spend some time investigating what is causing either
the failure or this message (maybe its related ?)

of not how would you start debugging this?

On the other hand I don't get any failure when running the 
Command Prompt and

cd "c:\cygwin\bin"
strace -o file bash --login

Any ideas?

Marc Weber

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