Problem to open big selfextracting Zip files from bash - starting from scratch :-)

Ralph Hempel
Fri Oct 10 13:30:00 GMT 2008

Reid Thompson wrote:
> Dirk Napierala wrote: , but what I do not understand is
>> that after we found that only replacing the dll cause the prob and
>> fix it again when reverted, why isn't that enough to troubleshoot
>> the dll now? Also because it does not work with the 1.7 version.
> I think if you'll go back through the responses you'll find where
> someone noted that the number of changes to cygwin.dll between 
> versions 1.5 and 1.7 is quite large, meaning that just tying it down
> to cygwin.dll doesn't make the effort of troubleshooting a minor
> endeavor.

That and the fact that if you really, really need this to work
with the 1.5 DLL, and are processing hundreds of sfx files,
and are doing this for work where a lot of dollars are at
stake, maybe a support contract would be a good idea...

It sounds like you might want to seriously consider another
mail list member's suggestion of passing the issue up the chain
within your own firm.

I'm pretty sure you're not going to get anyone at Cygwin to
look at this problem for older versions of the DLL, if I'm
reading the tone of the responses correctly without buying a
support contract :-)


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