Can anyone help please, with syntax ?

Marco Atzeri
Fri Oct 10 11:42:00 GMT 2008

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> From: "Marco Atzeri"
> Subject: Re: Can anyone help please, with syntax ?
> >
> > why have you not installed :
> >
> > libfftw3-devel-3.1.2-2
> > libfftw3_3-3.1.2-2 ?
> >
> > it should be much simpler that rebuilding
> > fftw3 from scratch.
> >
> Oh, how embarrassing..!  I've been using
> cygwin-ports for the past week
> or so which only offers libfftw ver  I
> didn't even think to look
> somewhere else....  :-(

also cygwin ports have fftw3 package 

> You're right of course.  I'll uninstall what I've
> just done and re-install 
> it the easy way.  However (to get back to my
> original problem....)
> When I got to the 'make install' stage for fftw3 it
> installed its files
> under /usr/ whereas my other libraries seem to be
> installed under /lib/
> (e.g. fftw3f.pc was in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ - whereas
> 'everything_else.pc'
> seems to be in /lib/pkgconfig/).  I'm assuming that
> this might cause future
> problems if I need to build and install libraries
> manually.  Should I be
> doing something to circumvent this?

Usually /lib is mounted on /usr/lib
so the two directory contain the same thing.

The standard cywing place is /usr/lib

$ cygcheck -l libfftw3-devel


when you install a package by yourself it
usually end in 



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