Can anyone help please, with syntax ?

John Emmas
Fri Oct 10 08:32:00 GMT 2008

I'm trying to build a library called "aubio" which requires the fftw3 math
package.  I built and installed fftw3 yesterday.  However, when I try to
build aubio, the ./configure stage fails, saying that fftw3 can't be found.
The config log says:-

Package fftw3f was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `fftw3f.pc'
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable

I then discovered that PKG_CONFIG_PATH wasn't set in my environment
so I tried setting it.  fftw3f.pc is in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ so I tried two
variations, as follows


but in both cases, I still get the error.  Is there a syntax problem here or
am I doing something obviously wrong?  Alternatively, most of the other
".pc" files are in /lib/pkgconfig/ so should I just copy fftw3f.pc into that



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