Problem to open big selfextracting Zip files from bash - starting from scratch :-)

Phil Betts
Thu Oct 9 15:12:00 GMT 2008

Dirk Napierala wrote on Thursday, October 09, 2008 10:51 AM::

> If I missed feedback to the thread below I have to apologize.
> Otherwise I would like to recall this (my last post)again

Please don't keep reposting the same message.  You can google the
mailing list archives if you think you may have missed a response.
If you haven't, then consider that maybe no-one has anything 
useful to post, or perhaps no-one feels inclined to help you any 

It's your problem, yet you haven't exactly gone out of your way 
to help anyone get to the root of the problem.  Simply rebutting 
all workaround suggestions with "can't do - corporate policy" has 
left me feeling that you're not really interested in solving your 
problem unless it means the SFX magically starts working.

I think you have to assume that the problem is intractable.  E.g.
changes to cygwin1.dll may just require more memory than before,
and it would be unreasonable to assume that an ill-conceived SFX
would inspire anyone to undo those changes.  If this is the case, 
then the SFX is broken, not cygwin1.dll.  You therefore need to
consider the alternatives.

I had prepared an email with a couple of suggestions for you to 
try, but I didn't bother sending it because of your attitude
towards the other responses.  I suspect the rest of the list have
also given up on you.

Early on, you were asked to try some things that would have 
helped people to understand the cause of the problem but you were
so reluctant to even try them that you can't blame people when
they lose interest.

If the issue is as important as your persistence suggests, I think
you need to bang some heads at your workplace.  If Oracle has
such tight policies that you are unable to do your job, then the 
policies are just plain dumb (but then, so is using a single, huge
SFX file).

If you really do want help from the list:

* Instead of just saying "can't do", tell us what you CAN do.
* How EXACTLY is the SFX is run?
* Does it use a fixed path?  
* Does it include the .exe extension?

IIRC you said the SFX is run from a bash script that you can't 
modify.  Why not?  If you can read the script, you can surely copy 
it and change the copy.  If you can't do that, and you can't 
regenerate the SFX file which is clearly incompatible (for whatever
reason) with the latest cygwin DLL, you have a broken _system_, and
someone in your company who does have the authority to make changes
to that system needs to get involved.


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