gui connecting to net shares from an ssh session

Sam Liddicott
Thu Oct 9 13:55:00 GMT 2008

It is perhaps worth drawing attention to the fact that explorer windows
are not configured to run as a seperate process, and if the desktop
login is for the same user, that the explorer map-network-drive dialog
(even if launched from the ssh session) will map the drive, but only for
the desktop session.

It's strangely ironic that ssh can share the desktop session, and
communicate with already running processes (explorer) to map drives and
yet still not see the mapped drives for itself...

Perhaps this doesn't matter for my GuiTesting as I'll just be "clicking"
on explorer windows anyway...  as long as they don't run as seperate
Explorer must run as a seperate process if a popup window used to map a
network drive is to take effect for the ssh session.

I see from:, "Switching User
Context", that ssh logins likely will never access network shares unless
I follow the notes at: to have the user
run as the only account which will login.

Having done so, the ssh session can no longer access the desktop :-(
However.... as the gui testing seems to run headless, perhaps I don't
need it to access the desktop...

Also, I can create net shares from ssh now, but somehow still don't
share the same set of mapped drives as the desktop login of the same
user on winXP.
Is there another trick here to make that work?


* Sam Liddicott wrote, On 09/10/08 13:24:
> I'm using cygwin and Win32::GuiTest to automate some windows testing of
> CIFS client network behaviour.
> Part of what is being tested is connecting to remote shares.
> However :-) an ssh client login (even with a password) doesn't seem to
> have the right domain credentials, so that a password prompt is
> presented when a connection is made.
> If the test software is run directly from the desktop, then the right
> credentials are already present as part of the login, and the connection
> is made without asking for a password.
> How can I cause the ssh login to have these credentials so that it does
> not prompt for a password?
> Thanks
> Sam
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