ssh session launching gui apps

Sam Liddicott
Thu Oct 9 12:18:00 GMT 2008

I found the answer here:

To just edit the sshd service properties (via control panel) and allow
desktop access.


* Sam Liddicott wrote, On 09/10/08 13:10:
> Under win95 I could ssh in as any user and launch apps on the desktop.
> But on XP, I login as the same user as the only (rdp'd) desktop session,
> many applications like notepad.exe will "run" but to not display on the
> desktop.
> As I'm scripting some automated GUI testing, it would be nice if the ssh
> login could launch desktop windows.
> (My ssh is a password login, but I may want to do key login's later, is
> the cyglsa stuff done?)
> Sam

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