MPI under cygwin?

Tue Oct 7 19:55:00 GMT 2008

Hi Gustavo,

I'm using MPICH2 under Cygwin and it works fine. I would like to try
OpenMPI but it is not yet supported. It seems OpenMPI team is working on it.

Best regards,


Gustavo Seabra a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I looked here: , but there doesn't seem to
> be any MPI available for installing using setup.exe. I wonder if
> anyone here has experience installing any MPI implementation under
> cygwin. I **do not** mean to use the Windows version under cygwin, as
> listed here:
> but an actual installation under cygwin. I'd be very interested to
> hear any experience you guys may have as far as what works well (or
> doesn't), and what needed to be done for compiling, etc.
> Thanks a lot!
> Gustavo.
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