install assumes.exe extension?

Ralph Hempel
Mon Oct 6 20:35:00 GMT 2008

I'd just like to clear up some confusion on my part
about "install" as distributed with Cygwin.

I'm building Lua, an MIT licensed scripting language.

Part of the lua "make install" process calls install
as follows:

cd src && install -p -m 0755 lua luac /usr/local/bin

And sure enough, lua and luac show up in /usr/local/bin

But they exist as src/lua.exe and src/luac.exe

So the question is, is it install or the cygwin dll that
assumes the exe extension on the file in the source dir
and then removes it when installing it to the destination?


PS. I'm willing to maintain a Lua (and significant libraries)
     port for distribution with Cygwin

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