Terminal Services session hung: csrss.exe doesn't exit if Cygwin was run in the session

EMF emf@amhran.net
Sun Oct 5 04:53:00 GMT 2008

Is there anything else I can (or should have) provide(d) to help
troubleshoot this?  

As I have in the past used Cygwin for many an automated task on Windows
Terminal Server boxes, I'd hate to have to abandon the tools going forward.

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Subject: Terminal Services session hung: csrss.exe doesn't exit if Cygwin
was run in the session

I've encountered an issue running on Windows Server 2003, 
both 32-bit and 64-bit.  I can log in and out of Terminal 
Services sessions all day long if I don't start Cygwin, 
but if I start Cygwin and run, for example, the attached 
script (MakeShare.sh), then csrss.exe will hang when I log 
out, locking up the TS connection.

I dug through the mailing list archives, but all I can 
find there with references to csrss.exe involve it and 
bash.exe pegging the CPU at 100%, which doesn't match up 
with my symptoms.  bash.exe is no longer running, and in 
fact was closed before I logged out of the session.

The 32-bit machine is actually a Citrix server, running 
Cygwin/X through an SSH tunnel to a CentOS5 box.  That's a 
much more complicated than the 64-bit machine which is 
exhibiting the same hang symptoms with what I *think* is a 
fairly straightforward script.

Attached are the script and the results of the 64-bit 
machine's cygcheck.  I can replicate this problem pretty 
much at whim.

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