John Emmas
Sat Oct 4 19:18:00 GMT 2008

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From: "Yaakov (Cygwin Ports)"
> John Emmas wrote:
>> Anyone know if 'libasound' has ever been ported for cygwin? (AFAIK, it's
>> an ALSA sound library).
> If you know what the L in ALSA stands for, then you'll understand that
> it's not available on Cygwin.
Yaakov - could you please indulge me for a moment here?  I know that
the 'L' stands for 'Linux'.  And I know you aren't suggesting that Linux
library code can't be compiled under Cygwin because that's surely one of its
primary features.  So why should the letter 'L' tell me that something is
wrong?  Is it because ALSA is a sound library and needs direct access to the
sound hardware?  Or does it need kernel support which isn't (or can't be)
emulated by Cygwin?  Or both?  Or is there some other reason that I haven't
spotted?  I'd like to understand this.



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