gs.exe missing from ghostscript package?

Brian Dessent
Sat Oct 4 04:58:00 GMT 2008

"Lee D. Rothstein" wrote:

> What causes the link to have its extension exposed and become
> inoperable within Cygwin? Even after I did a complete reinstall.
> I've seen this before. Does it have to do with the permissions?

For shortcut-style links, the .lnk file needs the readonly attribute to
be treated as a symlink.  "attrib +R gs.lnk" ought to fix it.  But it
would be good to find out why its attributes got munged in the first

> BTB, I first did a search on for the package containing gs, and
> it said that there was such a file in the ghostscript package, not
> ghostscript-base.

The older 8.50 version of the package had a gs.exe before it was
converted to use the alternatives system, which is the hit you are
seeing when you do a search.  But you have 8.62 installed which contains


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