Problem to open big selfextracting Zip files from bash - starting from scratch :-)

Dirk Napierala
Thu Oct 2 10:14:00 GMT 2008

If I missed feedback to the thread below I have to apologize.
Otherwise I would like to recall this (my last post)again

Christopher Faylor schrieb:
> On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 12:57:32PM +0200, Dirk Napierala wrote:
>> Dave Korn schrieb:
>>> Dirk Napierala wrote on 25 September 2008 09:55:
>>>>  From what we understand by reading the guideline "Changing Cygwin's
>>>> Maximum Memory" the result
>>>> of the small program written by DJ Delorie  tests the memory allocation
>>>> limit on your system.
>>>> Running the program will output the maximum amount of allocatable memory
>>>> of your system.
>>>> Doing so on several test systems and the different cygwin versions the
>>>> result is _always _1536.
>>>> Trying it for example with 2500MB setting on a 4GB system also failed
>>>> with "Cannot allocate memory".
>>>   There is an upper limit imposed by the dividing point between kernel and
>>> user space at the 2GB mark.  You can try adding the /3GB flag in boot.ini 
>>> to
>>> raise this by a further gig.  You might need also to make extensive use of
>>> rebaseall to ensure your DLLs end up at the upper end of that range and 
>>> don't
>>> fragment the space, or it might not matter, depending on the patterns of
>>> memory usage of the unpacker.
>> It is not about that we would not like to test such kind of workarounds
>> it is more the fact that settings like /3GB flag in boot.ini are out of
>> our control (you know huge company's and internal politic restrictions
>> are limiting us very much in implementing such a fix.  We don't like it
>> either, but that is the way it is unfortunately)
>> Anyway even if this would help, it doesn't explain, why on the same
>> system, without any other change than switching the cygwin versions, it
>> works with the old one and doesn't work with the current one.
> We are trying to do something called "debugging" here and you are not
> making it especially easy.  If you could somehow test the above, it
> would give us a data point that might be a clue as to what the problem
> could be.
>> The only thing that have changed on this systems is the cygwin version.
>> Old one woks new one doesn't
> You are talking about upgrading to 1.5.25-15 but presumably you upgraded
> more than just the DLL so there are a quite a few possible other
> candidates.
> If you are really just swapping back and forth between different DLLs
> then you need to provide EXACT details of what you are doing.  You have
> not provided cygcheck output although I did point you to the problem
> reporting web page which asks for that.  cygcheck output for the working
> and non-working systems would be useful.
> cgf
Will what we have provided in
be helpful for you to troubleshoot?
If not, please let us know what else we can do to provide more helpful
Sorry again that we are relatively restricted to what we are allowed to
do but we will try
our best.

Best Regards Dirk
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