cygserver 1.5.25-15 slows down logoff

Sybille Ebert
Thu Oct 2 10:00:00 GMT 2008

>> The problem also appears in sshd service, eventhough it does not depend
>> on cygserver. I installed sshd using ssh-host-config and manually
>> stopped cygserver. And even with only sshd running, there was still a
>> long delay at logoff/shutdown!
> Which shows that the delay isn't cygserver specific, but occurs in the
> cygwin DLL somehow.  I'm somewhat low on time right now but I'll look
> into this at one point. 

Thank you. Please let me know if I could be of any assistance.

> For a start, can you make absolutely sure that this effect isn't related
> to some third party product?  Did you try to find if there's some
> interferring badly on that machine?
> See also

I've eliminated as much external factors as I possibly could. Nothing
from the list applies to me. I can reproduce the problem on a clean
install of Windows 2003 SP2 64-bit on VMWare Workstation.


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