Bash process hangs around forever after ssh disconnect

Michael Hipp
Mon Nov 24 12:46:00 GMT 2008

Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> That's the Windows/Cygwin emulation of a Unix fork. Should be the same 
> as on Linux.

I know that. I was pointing out that sshd goes away as expected but bash does not.

> Please read again what I wrote and try to understand it.

Ok, I have re-read it and don't find anything that I failed to understand. 
Even on the 2nd or 3rd readings.

> In all 
> likelihood you do NOT want sshd to kill your shell because you loose 
> connection for a while. Let me repeat: you do NOT want that.

Really? Should I call Red Hat, SUSE, Debian and Ubuntu and all the others and 
tell them they've been doing it wrong all these years? That's *exactly* how 
every Linux I've ever used works.

> You want 
> the ability to reconnect to that session once the physical connection is 
> reestablished. "screen" gives you that ability.

I know about "screen". I use it regularly. But screen is off-topic. Unless 
there is some way screen can re-connect to a dangling bash session; I thought 
screen could only re-connect to screen. If it has that ability I'd like to be 
educated to it.

Some days ago I brought up a GUI session to a remote W2k3 box, ran task 
manager and almost fell out of my chair to see bash.exe listed nearly a dozen 
times. I thought the thing had been rooted or something.

Surely there is some actual solution to this. It works splendidly on Linux. 
And when I am doing something critical that doesn't need to be interrupted, 
then our mutual friend "screen" is always there waiting.

Can anyone offer some help? Please?


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