Bash process hangs around forever after ssh disconnect

Thorsten Kampe
Mon Nov 24 11:57:00 GMT 2008

* Michael Hipp (Sun, 23 Nov 2008 10:11:59 -0600)
> Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> > * Michael Hipp (Sat, 22 Nov 2008 13:49:33 -0600)
> >> I'm logging in to a W2k server via cygwin sshd and using Putty as my
> >> terminal emulator. If my ssh connection gets dropped for any reason
> >> the bash.exe process on the host just stays there forever. Also,
> >> anything I was running in bash (e.g. vim) will stay there forever. I'm
> >> having to use taskman to clean this up periodically.
> >>
> >> Anything that can be done about this?
> > 
> > You could check or set you the ClientAliveInterval and TCPKeepAlive. 
> > I've set both to 0 respectively to no because I don't want sshd to kill 
> > my session only because the client does not respond for a while. Use 
> > "screen" to reconnect when the connection is back.
> Thanks. I set these options as per the man page and after restarting the sshd 
> service it has had no effect on the problem. Appears it may be more related to 
> bash than sshd per this...
>   - When the system is idle I have one (1) sshd.exe process (the service).
>   - Once I log in remotely I have two (2) sshd.exe processes and one (1) 
> bash.exe process.

That's the Windows/Cygwin emulation of a Unix fork. Should be the same 
as on Linux.
>   - When I force exit the client terminal emulator one of the sshd.exe 
> processes goes away almost immediately. But the one bash.exe process is still 
> there (even as much as hours or days later).
> Appears there's some lack of understanding between sshd and bash.

Please read again what I wrote and try to understand it. In all 
likelihood you do NOT want sshd to kill your shell because you loose 
connection for a while. Let me repeat: you do NOT want that. You want 
the ability to reconnect to that session once the physical connection is 
reestablished. "screen" gives you that ability.


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