problem with cygwin and GLUT on Vista

Michael McGuffin
Thu Nov 6 14:45:00 GMT 2008

I ran "cygcheck ./main.exe" on my executable, and saw that it was trying 
to link with C:\Windows\system32\glut32.dll which I think I installed a 
while back from Nate Robins web site 
<> ) and which has nothing to 
do with the glut that comes with cygwin.  So I temporarily renamed the 
glut32.dll under system32 to "disable" it, and ran "cygcheck ./main.exe" 
again, and found that now it was finding C:\cygwin\bin\glut32.dll .  Now 
my program works fine, and so do my other OpenGL+GLUT programs.  I don't 
recall this interference between glut dll files being a problem on MS 
Windows XP.  Anyway, thank you very, very much for the help!  It solved 
a problem I've had for a long time.


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