Why I hate updates

Andrew DeFaria Andrew@DeFaria.com
Mon May 26 16:47:00 GMT 2008

Stefan Scholl wrote:
> Because Cygwin sometimes forces me to restart the whole system after I 
> install an additional program, I have developed the habit of updating 
> Cygwin every start of a work day.
This is the silliest thing I've ever heard. It is true that if an 
installation of Cygwin wants to overwrite a file that you currently have 
loaded (e.g. Cygwin installs a new version of bash.exe and you're 
running bash.exe) then you do have to reboot, once! You do not need to 
update Cygwin everyday however. I fail to see why you thought this would 
solve the problem you stated. And we can all see how this practice just 
got you into a pickle.
Andrew DeFaria <http://defaria.com>
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