Recently installed cygwin - cannot install gcc

Warren Young
Tue May 13 13:45:00 GMT 2008

David Ziants wrote:
> Explicitly tried to 
> install/reinstall the "develop" package where gcc is supposed to be 
> installable from.

While setup.exe will let you install the entire Devel category, that's 
probably not what you actually did, nor do you generally want to. 
There's a whole lot of stuff in that category, most of which you'll 
probably never need.

What you probably want is to open that section up, then click where it 
says "Skip" next to every individual package you want that isn't 
currently installed.  Each time you click, it changes to a different 
mode for the package; you want to see Keep, a version number, or 
Reinstall, not Skip or Default.  setup.exe handles dependencies 
automatically, so a minimal install is to click on gcc-core.  You'll 
probably need other things as well, such as make, a text editor, 
additional compilers, etc.

Having to go back through setup.exe several times is normal, by the way. 
  I rarely get a fresh Cygwin setup right the first time.  As you begin 
to use it, you'll discover something lacking, and usually it's available 
in Cygwin but not installed by default.

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