Perl IPC::Cmd

Reini Urban
Mon May 5 20:40:00 GMT 2008

Ronald Fischer schrieb:
> Sisyphus <sisyphus1 <at>> writes:
>>> I'm using
>>>  perl 5.8.7 for Solaris
>>>  perl 5.8.8 for Cygwin
>>>  perl 5.8.10 for Windows (native)
>> perl 5.8.10 ??
> Sorry, I meant 5.10.0
>> Mind you, they don't need a reason to not include a non-core 
>> module - the fact that it's not a core module is, of itself, sufficient 
>> reason.
> I see. I was not aware that this is not a core module. 
>> With perl 5.10.0, IPC::Cmd became a core module, so *every* build of perl 
>> 5.10.0 ought to include that module.

perl-5.10.0-3 and all subsequent perl 5.10 releases indeed contain 
IPC::Cmd. Click on [Exp] and install the test release.

Release perl-5.10.0-4 is currently in testing and will be uploaded this 
week. (adds Win32CORE.a)

For the current stable perl-5.8.8-4 you have to do
   cpan IPC::Cmd

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