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Dave Korn
Sun Feb 24 18:02:00 GMT 2008

On 24 February 2008 14:00, Marc Girod wrote:

> Thanks Dave,
> Dave Korn <dave.korn <at>> writes:
>>   This H drive of which you speak, it is a network drive perhaps?
> Indeed.

  Highly significant ...

>>   But I agree that documentation you mentioned could be clarified a bit, it
>> doesn't (as far as I could see after a quick skim through) explicitly
>> mention smbntsec, just links to the ntsec section of the same page.
> ntsec binds to a url.
> No smbntsec.html can be found from the same space.
> Do you have a path for me?

  Like I said, it's there, but only implicitly:
"NT security and usage of ntsec

The setting of UNIX like object permissions is controlled by the CYGWIN
environment variable setting (no)ntsec which is set to ntsec by default."

-> the words "CYGWIN environment variable" are a link to

-> description of ntsec

-> description of smbntsec just below:

"(no)smbntsec - if set, use ntsec on remote drives as well (default is
"nosmbntesc"). When setting "smbntsec" there's a chance that you get problems
with Samba shares so you should use this option with care. One reason for a
non working ntsec on remote drives could be insufficient permissions of the
users. The requires user rights are somewhat dangerous (SeRestorePrivilege),
so it's not always an option to grant that rights to users. However, this
shouldn't be a problem in NT domain environments."

  So, try your original test again, but with

~> export CYGWIN=ntsec smbntsec

at the start.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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