AW: 1.5.25-7 piping directed output to /dev/stdout will not work

Corinna Vinschen
Sat Feb 16 17:45:00 GMT 2008

On Feb 15 21:44, Eric Blake wrote:
> Earlier versions of bash did not install a /dev/stdout symlink, but
> special cased it directly in bash.  It may be that this has always been
> broken on cygwin, but because bash was special-casing things instead of
> relying on a symlink, no one noticed.  But now that bash installs a
> /dev/stdout symlink, it would be nice if cygwin could be patched to match
> Linux behavior on reopening /dev/stdout.

/dev/stdout is nothing special for Cygwin.  /dev/stdout is just a
symlink pointing to /proc/self/fd/1.  /proc/self is just a symlink to
/proc/<pid>.  /proc/<pid>/fd/1 is just a symlink to the file opened
in this process using fd 1.  After the symlink expansion has taken
place, there's nothing left of /dev/stdout in the path handling.
It's not even clear anymore, that this file is an open file in *this*
very process.

How is Cygwin supposed to know that it is a symlink with a special
meaning?  Do you think that Cygwin should test every file on every open
to be "/dev/stdout"?

OTOH, if you can come up with a nice solution, PTC.


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