Can not log in to recently enabled/configured sshd service

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sat Feb 9 01:43:00 GMT 2008

Alfred von Campe wrote:
> A quick update on the my situation (I am the original poster).  After 
> removing Cygwin and reinstalling it, re-running ssh-host-config, and 
> making the home directory in /etc/passwd a local directory (i.e., not a 
> network drive), I am now able to log into the Windows system from a 
> Linux system.  This is great and will help us kick off automated builds.
> However, in the remote ssh session, I am not able to access any network 
> drives (home directories or otherwise), which I can easily do in a 
> Cygwin window when accessing our build server via terminal services.  Is 
> this a restriction of how sshd is implemented, or can I reconfigure 
> something so I can access network drives from within ssh session?

I guess the latter.  See the FAQ entry:


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