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Alberto Luaces
Fri Feb 1 12:06:00 GMT 2008

El Friday 01 February 2008 12:38:30 Richard Head escribió:
> Hi, first post in here.
> Im not a very experienced C programmer, and Im fiddling with make. I
> have the following make file (entitled Makefile):
> fusionTK.exe : main.o fusionFileIO.o fusionAlgorithms.o
>         gcc main.o fusionFileIO.o fusionAlgorithms.o -o fusionTK.exe
> main.o : main.c fusionDefs.h
>         gcc -c main.c fusionDefs.h
> fusionFileIO.o: fusionFileIO.c fusionDefs.h
>         gcc -c fusionFileIO.c fusionDefs.h
> fusionAlgorithms.o: fusionAlgorithms.c fusionDefs.h
>         gcc -c fusionAlgorithms.c fusionDefs.h
> Which as far as I can tell is all well and good, but when I execute
> make, it comes back with the error:
> "make: *** No rule to make target `main.c', needed by `main.o'.
> Stop."
> have I put something in the wrong place?
> Im running this on WinXP pro with cygwin installed.
> Also, if I remove the main.c and fusionDefs.h from the main.o
> dependencies, it runs the command associated with main.o :"gcc - c
> main.c fusionDefs.h" and then complains that the gcc command is not
> found. I can quite happily run GCC directly from the command line.

Are you running make from Cygwin's shell or from the Windows command line 
shell instead?

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