cygwin-1.7, sshd, tcpd, and IPv6/Vista

Antonio Querubin
Wed Dec 31 05:48:00 GMT 2008

On Tue, 30 Dec 2008, Charles Wilson wrote:

> So, the "allow" entries in hosts.allow are really only enabling access
> form the actual "" aka "::1" machine -- that is, the actual
> local host.  They do not REALLY enable access from those bad guys that
> spybot maps to localhost.
> Can anybody think of an alternate explanation (perhaps this is a bug in
> cygwin-1.7's resolver code, or a bug I haven't spotted in tcpd?) Am I
> being too blase' about modifying hosts.allow as
> ALL : : allow
> ALL : [::1]/128 : allow
> ALL : PARANOID : deny
> sshd: all
> or, am I right that doing so is perfectly safe even with a munged up
> hosts file -- and if so, should I modify the default hosts.allow shipped
> with tcp_wrappers?

It's perfecty valid.  FreeBSD's default /etc/hosts.allow is setup that 
way so you're in good company.

Antonio Querubin
whois:  AQ7-ARIN

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