GTK+ externals are unresolved

Reini Urban
Sat Dec 20 15:44:00 GMT 2008

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) schrieb:
> René Berber wrote:
>> You're wrong, libraries shared or static are dealt the same way by the
>> compiler which looks for its list of unresolved symbols and doesn't
>> re-scan libraries when another symbol appears.
> Since I apparently didn't make myself clear the last two times, let me
> say it again.  If libfoo is a shared library, and libbar is another
> shared library that depends on libfoo (and on Cygwin is, by definition,
> already linked against it), it does NOT matter if you do this:
> gcc -o baz.exe baz.o -lbar -lfoo
> or this:
> gcc -o baz.exe baz.o -lfoo -lbar
> Now if we link with -static, then of course it needs to be before -lfoo,
> just like baz.o which depends on libbar needs to be before -lbar.
> But that's not the case here; all the GNOME libraries are shared, and
> pkg-config's order is ultimately correct.
> Bottom line: this linking order discussion is a red herring.  My
> suspicion is that there is a mixing of the versions provided by the
> distro and Ports.

Anyway, it compiles with my fixed order and gives the unresolved symbols 
with the original $(pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0) order of libs.
Please try it our yourself.
Reini Urban

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