POP Rmail in Emacs

Eli Zaretskii eliz@gnu.org
Sat Dec 20 11:41:00 GMT 2008

> Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 22:38:25 +0100
> From: Angelo Graziosi <angelo dot graziosi at alice dot it>
> Ken Brown wrote:
> > And I think Angelo has built CVS versions of emacs 23 with it
> Yes, I confirm. I build Emacs-23 weekly.
> In the last year many things have changed, and in better.
> Now it bootstraps in less than 20 minutes (before, more than an hour).
> Also, some strange bootstrap failure (which were solved simply changing
> directory) has disappeared.
> The build with GCC 4 series (before with my own build of gcc 4, now with
> cygwin gcc4) is very stable.

What is the status of building with GCC 3.x?  Does it still crash?

Anyway, like I said: feel free to submit (to emacs-devel@gnu.org) a
patch for etc/PROBLEMS that expresses the known problems with Cygwin
in a more up-to-date fashion.

> ...and, last but not least, yes we need a Cygwin Emacs maintainer: I
> would just curious to know why I have to start my GTK build of Emacs23 
> with the annoying G_SLICE...
>    $ G_SLICE=always-malloc emacs &

This should also be in PROBLEMS, IMO.

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