[1.7] chmod fails with windows path

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Dec 15 20:33:00 GMT 2008

On Dec 15 20:25, Eric Blake wrote:
> Eric Blake <ebb9 <at> byu.net> writes:
> > Or, more accurately, a limitation of the coreutils .exe magic getting
> > thrown off by the switch to the new cygwin_conv_path.
> On further thought, chmod doesn't do .exe magic to begin with (cp, mv, and ln 
> do, but not chmod).  Maybe the culprit is the fact that coreutils uses fchmodat 
> rather than chmod?

Probably.  One core test in the *at functions is the check for an
absolute path using something along the lines of `if (*path == '/' ||
*path == '\\').  I never tested the *at functions with DOS paths.  I
mean, who uses DOS paths when there are nice POSIX paths available...


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