Fwd: 1.5.25 : Win32 API function RegisterShellWindowHook not supported

Tim Stewart tim.j.stewart@gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 16:23:00 GMT 2008


   cygcheck -s shows that I'm running the 1.5.25 version of cygwin1.dll.

   I just updated my system a few days ago.

   I'm trying to compile some C++ code using g++.

Documentation for the missing API function:


The Problem:

   The above documentation states that the function should be located
in winuser.h but it's not.  Its related function
DeregisterShellWindowHook is in winuser.h.

   Even if I add a hand-coded prototype for this function, I get a
linker error stating that the RegisterShellWindowProc function was
unresolved.  That's because it's not included in libuser32.a.


   I am using GetProcAddress to access the function.  For example:


Thank you!

Tim Stewart

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