[1.7] Question: how to contrive "mount -c /"

Fergus fergus@bonhard.uklinux.net
Sat Dec 13 17:07:00 GMT 2008

Here on XP on a domestic machine I have experienced no problems with 
standard activities.
1.7 seems to install very many fewer .bz2 than 1.5 does (I mean, 00s 
fewer) but ends up 2GB bigger. What's that about?!
As we have been warned, mount in 1.7 behaves very differently from 1.5 
(and I think it'll turn out to be quite convenient) ... BUT:
In 1.5 I can put
	mount -c /
in a startup script. Try as I might I have been unable to contrive 
changing the cygwin path prefix in the same way in 1.7 with various 
attempts at a line in /etc/fstab such as
	none /c cygdrive binary 0 0
	none / cygdrive  binary 0 0
(both wrong, though "mount -m" after "mount -c /" at the keyboard 
suggests the former should work although I don't understand the c in /c) 
; and so in order to contrive this path prefix I always have to start 
each session with an explicit
	mount -c /
typed to the keyboard.
Can you tell me whether this can be initiated in /etc/fstab and if so 
how, please?
Thank you.

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