cron_diagnose reporting errors while using cron-config on Cygwin 1.7

Robert Pendell
Thu Dec 11 20:43:00 GMT 2008

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 4:31 AM, Pierre A. Humblet
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> Subject: cron_diagnose reporting errors while using cron-config
> | While running cron-config I chose to run as a privileged user.  Here
> | is the output from the script.
> <snip>
> ||
> | Can I just ignore these warnings and continue anyways?  It is
> | obviously still referencing the 1.5 type mount command here even
> | though I am running 1.7.
> Probably. Let us know if anything bad happens.
> Obviously the script must be updated to deal with 1.7, I will look into it.

Thanks for the response.  I went ahead and told it to install as the
system user.  Seems to be working fine by my basic tests.  I ran 2
test cron jobs.  One for a date stamp and the other for a mount list.
Looks like it reports the same mount table that I see when using it
interactively and the date stamp was what I had expected.  Both
outputs were sent to a file in my home directory and were run right on
schedule.  Ok maybe there was a 2 second delay but I'm not being picky

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