all files seems to be owned by the actual user

Brian Dessent
Sun Dec 7 13:56:00 GMT 2008

Matthias Meyer wrote:

> I've tried also ntsec, binmode and "".

Why are you doing these things?  Are you following somebody's "guide"? 
Please tell them that they are spreading useless information if that is
the case.  ntsec is the default.  binmode is the default and is
irrelevant for files anyway.  So "" is the same as "ntsec binmode", and
you should not need to set CYGWIN at all in general unless there is a
*specific* reason that calls for it.

> All of this three list the true file owner with "ls -anlh".
> But as before, rsync -a create the files with the user who runs the rsync
> command. Also rsync -aA with or without --numeric-ids have this behaviour.
> I would believe that I have a very stupid failure. I can not believe that it
> is not possible to backup and restore the file owner.

rsync only tries to set the owner when it thinks it has the privilege to
do so -- on most POSIX systems this means being the superuser, uid=0. 
This check in rsync is less than useful on Cygwin where privileges work
differently.  Thankfully they provide an override in the form of the
--super switch.


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