gdb is sooooo slow - is that normal?

John Emmas
Sun Dec 7 12:20:00 GMT 2008

I use an IDE called CodeBlocks to build and debug my Cygwin projects.  The
builds usually go okay but debugging is horrendously slow.  CodeBlocks has
a debugger output window which typically shows output like this (I assume
this is either what's being sent to gdb or what's getting returned) -

This GDB was configured as "i686-pc-cygwin".
> set confirm off
> set width 0
> set height 0
> set breakpoint pending on
> set print asm-demangle on

That shows 5 stages out of maybe 20 or so that seem to run before my own app
appears on screen.  The problem is that each of those stages can take
anywhere from about 6 seconds up to 15 seconds (taking longer, the more
breakpoints I've set).  Therefore after starting the debug process, it can
take between 2 minutes and maybe 6 minutes before my app gets launched.  Is
this normal for Cygwin?  The more complex the app, the worse the problem is.
If I set more than about 5 breakpoints with a complicated app, the debugger
takes so long to get going that it becomes not worth waiting.  Does anyone
else find this?  I'd like to find out whether it's a problem with Cygwin or
with CodeBlocks.



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