all files seems to be owned by the actual user

Matthias Meyer
Sun Dec 7 12:12:00 GMT 2008

Brian Dessent wrote:

> Matthias Meyer wrote:
>> Another strangely effect is that "ls -alnh /" lists all files as owned by
>> the actual user.
>> If I do that as another user the files will also be listet as owned by
>> him, the user who runs the ls.
>> What is the reason for that?
> You instructed Cygwin to not read or write any ACLs by setting nontsec.
> It has to fill in those fields with something so it just lists whatever
> the current user is as the owner (just as it would have had to do with a
> filesystem like FAT or an OS like Win95 that doesn't record an owner.)
>> Is there a possibility to backup the files from different users (e.g.
>> with rsync) and restore them with the same owner and permissions which
>> they have at backup time?
> Certainly not with nontsec in effect.
> Brian
I've tried also ntsec, binmode and "".
All of this three list the true file owner with "ls -anlh".
But as before, rsync -a create the files with the user who runs the rsync
command. Also rsync -aA with or without --numeric-ids have this behaviour.

I would believe that I have a very stupid failure. I can not believe that it
is not possible to backup and restore the file owner.

Don't panic

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