Setup.exe: all files in one common directory? (not per-server)

Sat Dec 6 04:39:00 GMT 2008

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> Yes, when downloading it will create the files under the mirror's
> filename.  That's by design because different mirrors can have
> views of what the latest packages are (and thus different setup.ini
> files and so on.)

Yes, and that's another bad point about it!
Different setup.ini files! What's the idea?

Why not one and the same setup.ini which can be read by _any_ mirror?
That's exactly to prevent the left hand not knowing about what the right
is doing or has done.
Just for sharing "charity" for mirror servers which like to do their
thing this does *not* justify the use of N setup.ini's imho.
(N = number of mirrors visited)

> What I'm saying is that later on when you do the
> "install from local dir" step you should be able to continue to
> F:\CygwinInstall\ as the local package directory and it should
> automatically recursively scan the contents of all the different
> dirs found under that directory and offer to install the union of all
> them.

Nice, nice ... but sometimes I also *do* want to install manually
without setup, e. g. sources.
And always having to use Windows search or *nix find first which mirror
the package has been assigned to this time is not really that "cool".

F:\CygwinInstall\release. That would be the sh*t.. And *all* packages
going in there. And one setup.ini. That's the best solution IMHO.


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