Socket programming with Cygwin

John Emmas
Wed Dec 3 11:39:00 GMT 2008

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From: "Brian Dessent"
Subject: Re: Socket programming with Cygwin
> The call fails because addr is junk, because the demo passed "localhost"
> to inet_pton.  According to the docs, this function only takes IP
> addresses.  If you change simple_client_main.cpp to use an IP address
> instead of localhost the example works for me.  (It should really be
> modified to do a hostname lookup.)
Brian - you were absolutely right and thanks very much for taking the time
to build this project.

Forgive me - but as someone who's very new to socket programming, I'm
confused about why the program worked when I built it under Linux.  Is it
because something would have converted "localhost" to an IP address (is this
the lookup stuff that you referred to?) and where can I find out a bit more
about all this?



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