cvs pserver 2401 issue. Server seems dying when cvs client is connecting.

Veerendra Shukla
Fri Sep 28 19:11:00 GMT 2007

I have installed cygwin cvs with default settings.
I can peform cvs operations on cywin prompt.

I could not able to see 2401 in port listing provided
by netstat -na command.

Now I did some changes in /etc/inetd.conf,
/etc/services file and created cvspserver file in
/etc/xinetd.d. This is as per file in
cygwin shared doc for cvs.

Now I can see below in netstat -na command:

It seems like it is ready for accepting request for
cvs client.

When I try to connect with cvs login, I am getting
following error:

$ cvs -d
Logging in to
CVS password:
cvs [login aborted]: reading from server: Software
caused connection abort

When I try to login with wincvs:
cvs -d
Logging in to
cvs [login aborted]: Error reading from server
localhost: -1: Unknown error

***** CVS exited normally with code 1 *****
The wincvs connection crashes the port 2401 sevices on

Please let me know how to resolve this issue so that
cvsclient can start connecting the cywin cvs.

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