OpenSSH and user environment: Maybe not initialized correctly

Wed Sep 26 16:32:00 GMT 2007

> No, I don't see allot that clarifies things for me here, but thanks for
> sending it. :-)
No problem - you arw elcome. - I might have been helpful...

> I do see that FI-WIN and AMD64 don't have '/bin/sh' but
> I don't think that's significant in your case (though you should reinstall
> the 'bash' package to fix this).
There is a "sh". See:
$ ll /bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 illenseer None 8 Nov 10  2006 /bin/sh -> bash.exe

> I'm actually surprised that you get AMD to report your user name with
> pubkey authentication.
We maybe do misunderstand (or I do...):
On amd64 I do NOT get the correct user name. (And also my MPIEXEC uses the
wrong user name...)

> I'm not aware of anything in the current Cygwin
> release that would allow one to authenticate with Windows using pubkey
> authentication, which is why I suggested password authentication as an
> alternative (I know it's hardly the same thing).
Unfortunately I cannot switch to interactive password authentication.
So that is not a workarund...   :-(

> You might find
> comparing debugging output from the server side from both machines on
> login to be enlightening.  Other alternatives I can think of is
> authenticating "illenseer" (via 'net use' or some other mechanism of
> your choosing) when you connect with 'ssh' or moving to a snapshot to
> take advantages of improvements there.  You can also try forcing
> 'ssh-host-config' to create the 'sshd_server' on your XP box and
> use that user instead to run 'ssd' there.  Maybe whatever magic you're
> experiencing on AMD64 will transfer to SMITHFIELD.
Can you explain more detailed what you are thinking of, please? - I do
not quite get your point or yur ideas/suggestions...

> Please let us know if you find something here that explains the different
> behavior you see on these two machines.
I will dig around if time permitts and if I find something I will inform you.

> BTW, I am assuming that you're using 'whoami' from Windows on both of these
> machines.  If not, then we know why you see the difference reported by 
> these machines. ;-)
on FI-WIN:     which whoami                 => /usr/bin/whoami
on  AMD64:     ssh amd64 which whoami       => /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/whoami
on SMITHFIELD: ssh smithfield which whoami  => /usr/bin/whoami

And I did one additional test:

   ssh amd64 whoami            => amd64\sshd_server
   ssh amd64 /usr/bin/whoami   => illenseer

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