text file or database for cygcheck -p or Cygwin.com / search?

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Tue Sep 25 22:50:00 GMT 2007

LDR wrote:

> I also rummaged around one of the mirror FTP sites to see if I could
> find a text file that was the logical equivalent of a single directory
> listing for all the directories *and* archives in the 'release/'
> directory. This must be the logical basis for both 'cygcheck -p' and the
> Cygwin search?

The cygcheck -p function simply queries cygwin.com, exactly the same as
if you went to http://cygwin.com/packages/ and entered the search string
there.  In other words, all the searching happens server-side.  There is
no one file that contains this information, it is stored in a large
number of separate files which can be displayed as e.g.

I know of no way to simulate this package search method offline.


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