text file or database for cygcheck -p or Cygwin.com / search?

LDR lee@veritech.com
Tue Sep 25 21:54:00 GMT 2007

The cygcheck -p option is a great tool.

Although, I noticed today a number of problems in using it today along 
with the package search function at Cygwin.com.

I also rummaged around one of the mirror FTP sites to see if I could 
find a text file that was the logical equivalent of a single directory 
listing for all the directories *and* archives in the 'release/' 
directory. This must be the logical basis for both 'cygcheck -p' and the 
Cygwin search?

Note that setup.ini has insufficient detail about the "components" of a 
package for my purposes.

How do I get this listing or database without downloading all the 
archives and computing my own?



Lee D. Rothstein

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