sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: initgroups: myid: Invalid argument.

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue Sep 25 18:03:00 GMT 2007

Tim Largy wrote:
> Larry Hall wrote:
>> You may want to try this again by running a system-owned shell (take a
>> look in the email archives for a recipe of how to make one of these).
>> You can then run 'sshd' with debugging flags right at the command
>> line and see all the debug output there.
> Running "net start sshd" in my own shell has the effect of starting
> the sshd Windows service that was installed by ssh-host-config. I
> think it is equivalent to starting the service using the Windows GUI.

My wording here wasn't the best.  Yes, running "net start sshd" from
your own shell is the same as what happens when Windows starts the
service itself.  I was suggesting that you could get more debug output
by running 'sshd' with debug flags turned on at the shell prompt but to
do so you need a shell owned by the user running the service (SYSTEM
in most cases).  That's why I was pointing to the recipe for how to make
one of these shells.  You could do this from your own shell too but it
will either fail to give you valid information, mess things up so
the service won't run anymore, or both.  But from what you mentioned
below, you don't need this anyway.

>>> failed ssh login I see the following message in the Windows Event
>>> Viewer:
>>> sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: initgroups: myid: Invalid argument."
>> Sure looks to me by the message above that your "myid" isn't in
>> '/etc/groups'.  Did you check that?
> Ah, you're close. Looking in /etc/passwd I see that myid's gid, which
> should be the number for "Domain Users" listed in /etc/group, is a
> different number. I think I know how that happened, but I will spare
> you the details. Putting the correct gid in /etc/passwd fixed the
> problem. Thanks.

Great!  Happy to help.

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