sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: initgroups: myid: Invalid argument.

Tim Largy
Tue Sep 25 17:31:00 GMT 2007

Larry Hall wrote:
> You may want to try this again by running a system-owned shell (take a
> look in the email archives for a recipe of how to make one of these).
> You can then run 'sshd' with debugging flags right at the command
> line and see all the debug output there.

Running "net start sshd" in my own shell has the effect of starting
the sshd Windows service that was installed by ssh-host-config. I
think it is equivalent to starting the service using the Windows GUI.

> > failed ssh login I see the following message in the Windows Event
> > Viewer:
> >
> > sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: initgroups: myid: Invalid argument."

> Sure looks to me by the message above that your "myid" isn't in
> '/etc/groups'.  Did you check that?

Ah, you're close. Looking in /etc/passwd I see that myid's gid, which
should be the number for "Domain Users" listed in /etc/group, is a
different number. I think I know how that happened, but I will spare
you the details. Putting the correct gid in /etc/passwd fixed the
problem. Thanks.


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