sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: initgroups: myid: Invalid argument.

Tim Largy
Mon Sep 24 21:53:00 GMT 2007

On a Windows XP machine I am able to run sshd but can't log on to my
local machine (I haven't tried a remote log on):

$ ssh -1 -i .ssh/my_private_key myid@localhost
Connection closed by

In order to view sshd debugging information, I've been running the
daemon from the command line via "net start sshd '-d'" and after the
failed ssh login I see the following message in the Windows Event

sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: initgroups: myid: Invalid argument."

where xxxx is the process ID. I've followed the standard Cygwin
instructions on setting up sshd using ssh-host-config followed by
ssh-user-config for myid. This machine is part of a domain, and I have
a fully-populated /etc/passwd and /etc/group files. Any ideas?
Redacted (anonymized) cygcheck -svr output is attached.

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