Cygwin setup on XP/Vista (UNIX/DOS compatibilty question)

Steve Richmond
Mon Sep 24 09:30:00 GMT 2007

Hi Eric,

I removed everything and completely re-installed Cygwin with setup.exe using the UNIX
binary option.  I 'set -o igncr' in .bashrc.  'set | grep SHELLOPTS' show igncr is set.
Yet the problems of bash scripts failing with '\r' errors and the resultant .CSV has
a '^M' added to each line still appear.  So it's going to take more than just installing
using a binary setup and setting igncr in bash to resolve the problems.

I ran D2U on each bash script AND on the data files that it grep-ped within the
scripts.  Voila! Problem solved.  Each script and data file came from a WinME system
that had an aging version of cygwin (circa mid-2005).  I wrote a script to run every
file through d2u.  Interestingly that script had to be 'd2u-ed' first.

So I have a solution but I fail to see why the binary setup and igncr didn't work.
I don't want to run every file I bring over through d2u as it's laborious.

In a unrelated problem, the diff command doesn't seem to be in the installation.
It was missing the last time I installed cygwin-1.5.24.


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> According to Steve Richmond on 9/22/2007 12:31 AM:
>>>>> However it behaves differently. After I install it using UNIX, bash scripts
>>>>> fail with '\r' errors, meaning it can't find the CR. So after I re-installed
>>>>> to be DOS compatible for CR/LF, the bash scripts execute successfully, but
>>>>> the resulting .CSV file has a '^M' added to each line. Subsequent
>>>>> manipulation with paste (as an example) fail because of the extra '^M'.
>> In your case, I'd recommend using a binary mount, and bash's igncr option.
>> Oh, and reread the announcements:
>>> After I reinstalled with the UNIX install option, I logged in and set igncr and
>>> verified with 'set | grep SHELLOPTS'. But grep adds an extra '^M' so
>>> when I do 'paste -d, a.txt b.txt', paste gets confused.
> The setup.exe UNIX vs. DOS option only affects new installations. My
> guess is that you have an existing text mount, which setup.exe won't
> change; but to confirm that, you need to follow directions:
>> Problem reports:
> and include the output of 'cygcheck -svr' as a text attachment.
>>> With the UNIX install option, I still can't run the bash scripts. It'll fail with
>>> those '\r' errors still.
> Again, bash only warns about \r errors on binary mounts if you have not
> turned on the igncr option. Of course, the other alternative is to run
> 'd2u' (or the new 'flip') on your scripts so that they no longer have \r.
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